Wednesday, August 15, 2007

16 Months

Mmmmm.... Spaghetti
Want some?
James is becoming a big boy in many ways now. He is growing fast and were looking for 2T used clothing at the moment for the little guy. He has been wanting to feed himself with a fork the last few weeks. Stabs the food with the fork all by himself and then eats it all by himself. He doesn't like being in a highchair or sitting in a booster seat anymore either. If he wants to dance in the middle of dinner he can without being hindered by either seat. Which means more messy mealtimes. What can I say the child wants to be independent. We also bought a bike trailer and we go everywhere on our bikes now. Mostly Sunday mornings to breakfast with Daddy. He loves to take rides in the bike trailer and has a stuffed cow as his co-pilot that he holds the whole way.
James has been pretty shy lately. I think it is just one of the those phases, but since we moved and he sees Daddy more these days he loves to watch Daddy come home on his motorcycle. He loves to play with Daddy when he comes home which is a big deal because he used to be glued to Mommy.
We have two playgroups that we meet with 2 days a week so that will help with the shyness. We are also closer to cousin Devin which is nice because they can play and get to know each other more. James has finally stopped grabbing other kids and biting them too. Another phase he was going through I guess. That was a lovely phase.
We do need to get him to the pool more often so we don't lose his swimming skills. He loves the water and has been playing in his kiddie pool a lot outside.

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