Friday, January 18, 2008

Can I fit in Dada's magazine rack?

James at his table he got for Christmas. Thanks Grandma M!

Uncle Dave and Aunt Laura Visit

James and Uncle Dave. Uncle Dave and Aunt Laura came to visit for Christmas from North Carolina. We loved having them here!
Uncle Dave is hilarious!
Playing with Uncle Dave.
Playing airplane with Aunt Laura. He didn't want to stop. ;-) He was smitten with Aunt Laura.
Pics taken by Dave and Laura.

Christmas Eve

James got some new airplanes for Christmas. It was hard to tear him away from them to get him to smile for the camera.
There we go. James and Grandpa Steck with Dada in the background. A very happy boy with his airplanes.
I don't think the kitty likes this situation.
Mom and David