Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bishop's Pumpkin Patch

We went to Bishop's Pumpkin Patch this last Sunday. Had a blast. They had so much to do and see. So many slides and mazes.

They even had a train. James loved it.
They also had this barn that had a maze upstairs and a slide to go down at the end of the maze.

James trying to scoop rocks.

Bishop's Pumpkin Patch Continued

James and Harley went into the corn maze.
I have no idea what Harley is doing. James is having fun hiding in the corn.

We went on the hayride which, of course was pulled by a tractor. Very exciting!
A very nice lady took our picture, but I forgot to hold the camera still for a second after she took it. Oh well, it's cute, but fuzzy. Would have made a great holiday card.
Had to take a picture with the tractor. He is so dirty, he had a great time.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

James in the Garden

James holding a loofah gourd. They finally started producing and they are going crazy.
James wanted a close-up. ;-)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Misc. Pictures of James the last couple months

That's a lot of pumpkin, pumpkin. ;-)
On daddy's dirt bike. I used this pic for Roger's birthday card we made him. So cute!
Collecting eggs with grandpa. He was so excited he could say "collecting eggs, " he had to tell me over and over. So cute!

James Driving

James in cousin Devin's car at Aunt Jen's house.

At The Fair

These are the only pics I got of the boys at the fair. I wish I had gotten some of them petting the pigs. Oh well. These are two of James' friends from playgroup. Ezra and Noah or as James pronounces it "Wawa." Ez is on the far left, Noah in the middle and James of course on the right. They had a blast at the fair, I just wish they would have the fair at a cooler time of the year. My goodness it was warm and we went on the coolest day.
They had so much fun on the foot massagers though. LOL!