Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Swimming in Arizona Part I

James waiting at the edge to go for a swim or to play with the bugs. There were bugs everywhere on the pool deck. He would try to catch them, but those darn bugs were too quick. We swam two to three times a day at the hotel we were staying at in Arizona. The pool was right out the living room sliding glass door. Which was great so that we didn't have to pass through a parking lot and James could walk freely without any worry. Oh, and yes he did have a hotel shampoo bottle in his hand. He decided that was a fun toy to bring with us to the pool that day. ;-p
James would walk off the edge of the sitting area in the pool and into my arms.
Mama and James. We would get to the middle of the pool and he would pump his arms and legs and swim back to the edge with mama's help of course. Scroll down to see James swim to the edge.

Swimming in Arizona Part II

He was having so much fun swimming. He'd wear himself out every time and need a nap afterwards.

Back to the edge.

Visiting With Great Grandma

It was so nice to go and visit Grandma in Arizona. She looked great and had fun interacting with her great-grandsons even if James was being a little shy. We were so glad to see her. : )
Awwww.... Great Grandma stealing a kiss.

Hanging Out in The Hot Tub

This is how James gets in all by himself. Oh, and you may notice a little pink sticking out of his shorts. Scroll down to see why.
Another pic in the hot tub. He surely is his Daddies child. The water wasn't that hot since we were in Arizona and most days its over 100.
So, Uncle Rich went to the store and I asked him to get swim diapers. Well, he didn't look to see what was boys or girls so we ended up with pink Little Mermaid swim dipes. We can razz James about his pink swim shorts when he's a teenager. Haha!
Close-up of the pink dipes. :-)

Dog Dish or Pool? Hmmmm.....

I think he misses his swimming pool. He tried to get his whole self in the dog's water dish. We were at Aunt Jen's getting ready for the trip to Arizona to see Great Grandma.
Well, if he can't get in it he might as well just splash it everywhere.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Helping Mama Pack

We are getting ready to go to Arizona this weekend and James decided he needed to help me. ; ) Help me do what I'm not sure, squish our stuff flatter so it fits all in, maybe. Auntie Jen said no more than 50 lbs. I think were ok though. Made it in on the scale at 29 or so that is what it said. Woohoo!
The infamous cheese smile! I finally caught it! Lately he's been giving this smile ALL the time and it is SO darn CUTE! He wakes up in the morning and just gives me a big cheese smile. Melts your heart and makes you laugh all at the same time!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Our Dirty Boy

He went in the garden with us tonight and had a lovely dirt snack.
Head to toe dirt. I think he's just like his daddy was when he was little. They have a picture of Rog in a mud puddle and holding out a piece of gum that was in his mouth. Why? Because that was the only clean part of Roger.
Playing with mommies mint plants.
Hanging out with Shelby in the rocks.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Playing Outside

Hanging out with the kitty cat in the rocks.
James loves his goats. I think he stayed out there looking at them for about 10-15 minutes. So cute!