Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Swimming in Arizona Part I

James waiting at the edge to go for a swim or to play with the bugs. There were bugs everywhere on the pool deck. He would try to catch them, but those darn bugs were too quick. We swam two to three times a day at the hotel we were staying at in Arizona. The pool was right out the living room sliding glass door. Which was great so that we didn't have to pass through a parking lot and James could walk freely without any worry. Oh, and yes he did have a hotel shampoo bottle in his hand. He decided that was a fun toy to bring with us to the pool that day. ;-p
James would walk off the edge of the sitting area in the pool and into my arms.
Mama and James. We would get to the middle of the pool and he would pump his arms and legs and swim back to the edge with mama's help of course. Scroll down to see James swim to the edge.

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Aunt Roberta said...

That water looks so inviting - what fun you must have had together. James looks like he'll be a "natural" at swimming. Thanks for sharing the fun! We also loved the "cheesy" smile - glad you caught it on camera!