Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Talking To Himself

Thought this was a cute pic of James standing in the yard talking to himself.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Baby, Baby

Since last night James has insisted that he carry around a baby plant. Baby, baby. He says over and over.
He even had breakfast with his baby. He didn't want the plant to go back under the light last night out in the garage so I put a table light on James' table so the pumpkin would keep growing. Well, it was 1 inch high by the time his nap was over and he wanted to put that one back and get a new one that was smaller so he could call it baby. Silly boy.

James' 2nd Birthday!

James and Harley eating mac n' cheese that Grandma M made. Mmmm....
James eating Sun Spot's (M&M alternative) instead of cake. He only wanted to blow candles out on his cake instead of eating it. It took us a couple minutes to figure that out. Hopefully I can get a pic of him blowing them out.
James, Harley, and Devin watching the remote control truck.
Harley and James watching Devin chase the truck.

Visiting With Cousins Kaya and Emma

Here is a good picture of the girls. They came by as they were working there way to thier grandma's house. It was very nice to visit with cousin Holly too. Wish we could see you more often.
Here is a better pic of James trying to help Kaya.

Feeding the Baby Goat

So cute!

Playing at cousin Devin's

James on Devin's bike. They have been having a great time playing lately. They stand there and laugh at each other and run around. So cute! I think they are going to be best buds.

Mike' and Leighann's Wedding

Awww... Just a beautiful day for a beautiful occasion.
James in his nice clothes. This is the last time he will wear it. It's getting tight in the crotch.
Here is the lemon tree James liked to hide under.

James and Dada

Daddy and James
Here's another, I did it myself pic. I put Daddy's helmet and gloves on all by myself.