Friday, August 31, 2007

Cousin Rob's Wedding Reception in Chicago

Mama and James ready for the reception
James and his cute outfit!
He learned he could fog up the window and fogged up all of the windows all the way across. So funny!
Cute photo of James looking out the window at the reception hall. I think he was mesmerized by the wind blowing the leaves on the trees.

Garfield Park Conservatory

Pretty Fountain
Giant Sea Grapes
Palms in the Palm House, everything was so huge!
This is a place I found in my Organic Gardening magazine. Chicago was featured in it one month and the conservatory a place to see. They had a palm house, desert house, sweet house (that one was under construction, I really wanted to see cocoa trees!), an aromatic garden(also under construction, boohoo!), a childrens garden, and a couple other areas I can't remember. Very beautiful gardens in the greenhouses and gardens outside surrounding the greenhouses. They even had several different examples of composters which was really neat. Worm composting included. They had it set-up so the kids could dig in and find worms. So neat!
Then we went to a restaurant with Chicago style pizza, recommended by a locals granddaughter. Oh my, it was so good. I've never had pizza so good. Mmmmm.......

More From Garfield Park Conservatory

Pretty Bird of Paradise
Just Beautiful

Shedd Aqaurium in Chicago

James loved the fish!
Sea Turtles
Even a duck.

More from Shedd Aquarium

Example of local fish from the Lake Michigan. Carp and such.
Sea Dragon
Mommy don't make me look at the scary Sea Dragon. I will lay on the floor in protest.
Very cool sting rays. They had all kinds of shapes and letters on them. Can you see the S.

Swimming in Chicago with Cousin Donna

Getting in the pool
off and swimming

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First Haircut!

That's sure a serious face! I thought one of these contraptions would be a good teething distraction on our trip. He always steals his cousins when we are visiting with him.
That's bright mama!
Hehe! I'm going to get you!
Good pic of his new haircut. Amy should remember those wood bead blocks. We found them at Grandma's house. He thinks its fun to make them his necklace.
James did so well at his first haircut. He sat on mama's lap and didn't move at all. He sat totally still. I'm sad I forgot the camera, but I did save his hair. ;-) He even sat most of the time on mama's lap while I got my hair trimmed.

James and the Giant Pumpkin

I think it's twice the size of James atleast!
This one is a little smaller maybe Auntie Jen might like this one for her porch.

James at the Steck Family Reunion

Hmmm.... How does this thing work?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

16 Months

Mmmmm.... Spaghetti
Want some?
James is becoming a big boy in many ways now. He is growing fast and were looking for 2T used clothing at the moment for the little guy. He has been wanting to feed himself with a fork the last few weeks. Stabs the food with the fork all by himself and then eats it all by himself. He doesn't like being in a highchair or sitting in a booster seat anymore either. If he wants to dance in the middle of dinner he can without being hindered by either seat. Which means more messy mealtimes. What can I say the child wants to be independent. We also bought a bike trailer and we go everywhere on our bikes now. Mostly Sunday mornings to breakfast with Daddy. He loves to take rides in the bike trailer and has a stuffed cow as his co-pilot that he holds the whole way.
James has been pretty shy lately. I think it is just one of the those phases, but since we moved and he sees Daddy more these days he loves to watch Daddy come home on his motorcycle. He loves to play with Daddy when he comes home which is a big deal because he used to be glued to Mommy.
We have two playgroups that we meet with 2 days a week so that will help with the shyness. We are also closer to cousin Devin which is nice because they can play and get to know each other more. James has finally stopped grabbing other kids and biting them too. Another phase he was going through I guess. That was a lovely phase.
We do need to get him to the pool more often so we don't lose his swimming skills. He loves the water and has been playing in his kiddie pool a lot outside.