Wednesday, July 09, 2008

James pretending you can't see him. He wanted to play on the bike rack. We had just finished having desert downtown Sac. It was so yummy and I was so stuffed. This was after our Anniversary dinner. Can you believe its been 8 years? ;-)
Harley came over the other day and was enjoying some yummy scrambled eggs. Harley is always ready to pose and James was too busy with his eggs.

James and Roger in the Pool

We went to the pool near Jen's house. James loves to use his floaties when he can't touch the bottom because he likes to do it himself. LOL!
James just started putting his head under by himself the other day when we went swimming with some friends. I can't wait until he can swim by himself.

Aunt Amy and James Swinging

When Amy came to visit she and James went swinging. These are pictures my mom took.
They had a lot of fun.

I did it! I donated my hair!

That is the minimum of 10". It will feel good for summer.