Sunday, September 23, 2007

Climbing onto a BIG Motorcycle

Dada doesn't believe mama that James can climb on his bike all by himself. Mama has proof and here it is. I guess Dada better put his motorbike away in the garage.

Stacking Blocks

Learning how to stack blocks with daddy.
Taking our big pumpkins home.
Squash and Eggplant
Transporting our pumpkin to the truck.
Pumpkin to kid comparison.

Last time in his pool outside this Summer

Sucking the water out of his washcloth.
James decided for a couple days he wanted to wear his bike helmet everywhere. He was extra protected I guess in his carseat.
James in his bike trailer with his co-pilot Mrs. Cow.
Some friends came over and brought thier 19 month old, Harley. James liked her stroller so he climbed in and layed back (we don't have a stroller so this is novelty for him). Complete with her basketball sippy he was coveting. Harley decided she was going to be a big girl and push him around. Oh, and as you can see Shelby has 2 leashes on. His and Hers.