Thursday, February 23, 2006

32 Weeks 4 Days

Major nesting going on here. Now I know what it means. You keep doing stuff even though your tired and you need to relax. You just have this urge to get as much stuff done as possible. Other than that just getting bigger, had a major growth spurt this week. I'm 40 inches around the middle now and at the beginning of the week I was 39 1/2. My belly looked like it had gotten smaller last Friday and baby probably just moved into a better fitting position, but now I'm protruding more again. Will have to get Rog to take another picture of me and my belly. I'm up to 30 pounds gained now. Wow! Didn't think I'd be able to gain that much. My midwife wanted me to gain 40 pounds since I'm going to breastfeed and I'm nearly there. :)
I put the carseat in the car the other day and Rog has to take it to get the tires rotated tomorrow. I didn't tell him I put the carseat in there and want to see if it freaks him out. Hehe, I know I'm being mean since he already is nervous enough about the whole thing, it's still funny though. :D I love giving him a hard time about it.

Anyway, I will update more on Monday after my midwife appt. Keep an eye on my other blog though, baby goats should be here any day now.


Monday, February 06, 2006

30 Weeks!

Here I am with the big belly. Sorry its a little dark Rog must have put his finger over the front of the camera. Were only 10 weeks away from our due date! Wow! Not long now! Baby is still having lots of hiccups, atleast twice a day. The last two visits to the midwive's I've measured two weeks ahead. She doesn't feel a huge baby or anything, but thinks I might go early. Woohoo! The baby was also posterier and would kick my midwife everytime she would try to get a heartbeat. It was too funny! I got my list for birth supplies today. I can't wait to get my birth kit in the mail and find the rest of the stuff I need for the big day.