Friday, August 31, 2007

Garfield Park Conservatory

Pretty Fountain
Giant Sea Grapes
Palms in the Palm House, everything was so huge!
This is a place I found in my Organic Gardening magazine. Chicago was featured in it one month and the conservatory a place to see. They had a palm house, desert house, sweet house (that one was under construction, I really wanted to see cocoa trees!), an aromatic garden(also under construction, boohoo!), a childrens garden, and a couple other areas I can't remember. Very beautiful gardens in the greenhouses and gardens outside surrounding the greenhouses. They even had several different examples of composters which was really neat. Worm composting included. They had it set-up so the kids could dig in and find worms. So neat!
Then we went to a restaurant with Chicago style pizza, recommended by a locals granddaughter. Oh my, it was so good. I've never had pizza so good. Mmmmm.......

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