Tuesday, December 16, 2008

James Ped Appt.

Well, James had his yearly check-up and he's been growing. His Dr. said he is 39" and in the 95% for height and he is 33 lbs and in the 76% for weight. Go James! Then we stayed for 1/2 hour after his appt. and played with all the toys in the waiting room. LOL! Then Santa was making his rounds in the building and he got a candy cane. Was very leary about Santa though. ;-) He was a big guy. So a fun day!


Anonymous said...

I like all the Intactness links on your blog! Will you please come vote to help End Unnecessary Infant Circumcision?


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Donna said...

Way to go James! haha. Yeah man, those waiting room toys are the bomb. ;-)

Cathy said...

LOL Donna!

I would love to vote about circumcision.