Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Some Cute Pics

Now in these pics you can see his sandals better and the flower on them. Click on the pic and you will get a better look at them.
These pics are right after I found James had gone out the dog door. He learned how to do that trick at Auntie Jen's. D'oh! It was funny because I was sitting at the computer trying to hear where he was. I could not hear ANYTHING! My first thought I guess was the dog door. I went out the laundry room door and there he was walking down the dog ramp into the dog yard. Atleast I know he can't go farther than the dog yard. I promptly got him ready to go outside to distract the little bugger. ; )

These pics are right before he got completely covered in dirt. Rog said he had to let the water out of the tub and fill it back up he had so much dirt on him.

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