Saturday, February 17, 2007

Just being cute!
Making a funny face.
Eating some blueberry muffin. He has been trying anything mommy is eating nowadays and so mommy has been having to eat better because I don't want James addicted to sugar and junk like mommy. ; )Sharing a dog bone with Shelby. It's so cute, Shelby chews on her nylabone and James takes it away from her and back and forth. He has done the same with a toy with a little girl he played with at a La Leche League meeting. He was so good and he did so well with not fixating with her hair this time and trying to pull it, I was so proud. He is doing better about not picking up everything on the floor and putting it in his mouth and the last couple days he has been spitting out yucky stuff he has put in his mouth. He learned that at swimming when he gets water in his mouth he spits it out so he doesn't choke on it. Speaking of swimming, he just loves the water and is doing better every week. He is starting to go under water more often now and even puts his mouth and nose in the water in the bath tub and has lately been laying down in the tub and kicking his feet like he's swimming. Yeah! I'm so proud!
James is growing fast, he just hit 10 months and is between 24 and 25 pounds and over 34 inches long. He's going to be growing out of the 18-24 month shirts. His legs are still a bit shorter though and I think he will grow out of the waists in the 9-12 month pants before his legs get too long for them. He's just like his daddy.
He has been standing and balancing without holding onto anything and I see the day coming soon that he will take his first step. I guess I better learn how to use the video camera soon. ; )

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