Wednesday, November 30, 2005

20 Weeks

We're halfway there! How exciting! Were getting to the good part because now baby is noticeably kicking a lot. I was getting my hair cut yesterday and baby was going crazy while he was washing my hair. Roger has finally felt the baby kick for the first time last Friday. He thought that was pretty neat. Maybe when Roger's mom comes to visit next week she will finally be able to feel the baby kick to since I know she is awaiting that moment. ; )

Monday is our next midwife appointement so I will get to tell everyone whether were having two or just one big baby. :) We will be looking for two heartbeats and re-measuring my belly to see if I'm still measuring bigger than 21 weeks. I will try to post a picture of how big my belly is getting also. I feel huge already, but know I'm only going to get larger. Sigh. . . . . It will be even more of a challenge to get out of bed.

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